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Yesterday, as I was leaving a parking garage, the car started, but then stopped as I was backing up to get out of a parking space. I tried to restart the car, but it just wouldn’t start. A state trooper car pulled up behind me and I ended up explaining to them that I could not start the car. The police officers were very friendly and helped me push the car back into a stall and out of the way. I tried to call B.B. but the phone service wasn’t working, so I had to use the telephone in the parking attendant’s office. It seemed like everything bad that could happen, happened B.B. left work early to meet me (but he went home first to get the gas can and went to vote in the mid-term elections–I guess it was kind of on the way). About an hour later, he was at the parking garage. Apparently I didn’t have enough gas in the car (I was going to fill up the tank on the way home). On top of that, B.B. had to jump-start the car because the battery died when I tried to restart it. It is kind of embarassing, but everything was fine after that. He suspects that the change in temperature plus the lack of gas may have caused some moisture build-up in the tank. It was a bit stressful and I hope I don’t have any more car problems.