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B.B. and I celebrated our first Hallowe’en together by carving pumpkins and handing out candy. This is despite the fact that B.B. didn’t want to hand out candy because he has been so disappointed by the lack of Hallowe’en trick or treaters coming to the door in the past. Last year, he said that he looked out the window and a little girl in her princess outfit started to walk toward the house. He said that he was really psyched and was getting ready to greet her at the door when she got halfway up the driveway, she turned around and went back to join her mother and continue her trick-or-treating elsewhere. So, he was feeling a bit jaded.

I convinced him to buy two pumpkins and I bought some Hallowe’en candy. We carved our pumpkins out last-minute (at about 4pm). Apparently Hallowe’en hours were from 5 until 8pm for the area where we live. Sadly, we didn’t get a lot of kids coming to our door. I counted 15 in total. But the kids that we did get were wearing very cute outfits. The best outfit was of a fluffy chicken (think of Foghorn Leghorn of the Bugs Bunny cartoons) the worn by a little boy (I think he as a boy) who was about 3 years old. That was by far the cutest outfit I have ever seen (the dad was chuckling and filming the little chicken as he was walking up to our door with a big clueless grin on his face).

I loved the pumpkins that we carved. They kind of match our personalities. I was really impressed with B.B.’s pumpkin. Here’s how they turned out: