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Yesterday, B.B. and I drove down to Bloomington to check out an IU Football game (IU being Indiana University). The game was between IU Hoosiers and Northwestern Wildcats.

Football to Americans is like hockey to Canadians. People talk about it constantly, follow their team in the news,  join pools, and go to the games whether big or small. It’s huge.

As we drove closer to the stadium, we saw the steady stream of sloshed college kids walking around (it wasn’t even noon). Then as we drove past the lawns we saw piles of garbage (mostly empty plastic red cups). The piles of garbage were unbelievable. Tailgating is also a big part of football games so we saw people camped out in the parking lot sitting on lawn chairs and by RVs or sitting on the back bed of a truck eating and drinking. Some of these people don’t even go to the game. B.B. said that tailgating was often funner than going to the game itself.

Well, we went to the game and had decent seats near the 20 yard line. It was a beautiful day for a football game. The air was crisp and cool but the sun was shining brightly.

The part of the game that I enjoyed was watching all of the dances and moves that the fans do during the game. Every time the Hoosiers were on first down, the marching band would play a song and the fans would all pump their arms up and down as if they were going on an aggressive power walk. Then as soon as the song ended, they all pointed and said, “Hooh!” It was quite the scene (almost everyone was doing it–everyone except me–I couldn’t help laughing every time I saw this). The other thing that happened was when the band played a certain song (which I think was the team song) everyone would shout “I-U!” at the end of the song in unison.

There were so many haters in the crowd. I can’t believe how upset some of the fans got! They were yelling at the players, yelling at the coaches, booing the refs. It was unbelievable! They weren’t just yelling, they were plain irate (more than unneccessary). It kind of makes me wonder if this aggressive competitiveness passes over to the recreational sports (I still stand by my opinion that people are overly intense and competitive at volleyball). Then when we were listening to a call-in radio show reviewing the game, the callers were after blood (IU lost the game–the final score was 20-17). It was pretty bad.

I enjoyed the halftime show which featured the visiting marching band from Northwestern (they had fantastic marching formation). IU’ s marching band performed next but I don’t think that they were as good as the Northwestern but they ended up spelling out “Indiana” which was pretty cool.

Overall, I enjoyed the game and I hope that we go to at least one more game this fall.