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I was cleaning out my fridge the other day and I discovered that there were two nearly-empty bottles of maple syrup in my fridge. It wasn’t quite enough to cover a pancake. So, rather than rinse and throw out the bottles, I decided to slather the remaining syrup onto my hair.

What? You’ve never heard of such a thing? Neither had I until I watched  segment of Ellen with guest, Kym Douglas who had beauty tips using everyday home products. The guest Kym Douglas demonstrated that maple syrup was a way to add volume and shine to hair. Just pour it onto your hair, wrap with plastic wrap and rinse. Although, I did skip the plastic wrap and only left the syrup in my hair for five minutes.

I remember the days when I used to try raw eggs and then realized that the eggs cooked into your scalp when you rinsed with warm to hot water. I moved onto mayonnaise which rinsed out well but left you with a sandwich scent that stuck with you for a few days. Maple syrup, however, does not leave you with these problems as it rinses out easily.

I did notice that I smelled buttery delicious for a few minutes, but it’s better than smelling like a deli sandwich all day. My hair felt soft and voluminous. So ladies (and guys) if you are looking for a quick and easy hair treatment, look no further than your refrigerator or pantry.