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I haven’t been writing much even though there is a lot to say. I’m still surprised at how quickly summer has come to an end. I actually thought that it was still summer up until the point when I opened the curtains to discover that it was gray, raining and downright dreary. It’s a big contrast to yesterday when it was a very nice day and it felt like it was still summer.

A couple of days ago, I heard the musical chimes of an ice cream truck driving through the neighbourhood. I was tempted to run outside and chase down the truck. I think I’ll wait until next year. This gave me the idea to start a list of things that I would like to do next summer in Indiana. Here’s the start of my list:

  • chase down the ice cream truck and buy a chocolate ice cream (or a rainbow rocket)
  • visit towns with strange names (French Lick, Indiana, for one)
  • go on a nature hike (I don’t particularly like hiking, but I figure that I should go at least once in Indiana)
  • do a walking tour of a neighbourhood in Indianapolis
  • sit on a patio for drinks (sadly, I did not do that this summer!)
  • go to a karaoke bar with B.B.’s brother (I recently heard that B.B.’s brother was a good singer)
  • make it to the James Dean Festival in Fairmont (we were invited to go last weekend, but didn’t make it. There’s always next year!)
  • go on a chartered fishing tour for muskee (B.B. and I were thinking of doing this, but we didn’t get a chance this summer)
  • take the bicycles and go for a ride on trails in Ohio with B.B.’s friend from high school
  • go to an outdoor concert (I heard that there were good ones at Conner Prairie)

This is the start of my list of things to do next summer. Tune in next time and I’ll have a list of things to do for Fall 2010.