B.B. and I went to play volleyball last night. Drop-in volleyball, or as they say, “open volleyball” got changed to a new night.

It’s interesting how language is different when one moves to a new geographical location. In my case, it’s the same language it’s just that Hoosiers sometimes have a different way of saying things. This is true with volleyball. Instead of saying “drop-in volleyball” they call it “open volleyball.” The other phrase I can’t get used to is “replay.” If people are not sure if the ball landed in or out of the court, people often shout, “Replay!” I am accustomed to hearing “Re-serve.” To me, re-serve makes more sense because you are not counting the point and so you are going to serve the ball again. Replay reminds me of the highlights of a sport. It also implies that we are going to go through the exact same scenario that led people to shout “Replay!” Sort of like the movie, Groundhog Day. I prefer to say, “Re-serve” but it hasn’t caught on here.  Maybe people don’t like saying that because it’s too similar to “reserve” which is more of a military term? I’m just speculating. 

But, some things are still the same. When people miss the ball or make an error, you still hear the same swear words as you would in Canada.