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I noticed that people have been checking out the guinea pig page a lot (I have the power to see how many hits I get on each page). So maybe I should have a post about Teemu. He asked me to transcribe his day for him:



This morning, I was munching on some hay waiting for the two humans to get their butts out of bed to feed me. Timothy hay is great for my digestive tract, but the new stuff that she-human got is a little too dry. I don’t know what was wrong with getting the softer hay. Well, at least she didn’t buy me a leash (I overheard her talking to he-human about getting a harness and leash that would fit a chihuahua). After, what seemed like hours and hours, the he-human came out to the living room to take the blanket off my cage. I was so excited that I started jumping around my cage. But all he fed me this morning was more hay.

So, I chewed the hay and waited for another hour before she-human woke up and fed me actual food. She kind of takes her sweet time because she always seems to first make coffee for herself. Then she gets irritated with me because I’m so hungry that I start chewing on the bars and begging for food (I do have a bowl full of pellets, but that’s peasant food). When I chew the bars, she’ll put the coffee up to the cage and right under my nose until I back away because coffee smells disgusting! But then she’ll give me a handful of fresh parsley (which has the vitamin C that I need). If I’m lucky, she’ll give me some cucumber or some lettuce. I don’t really like fruit, but I’ll eat the occasional apple. I take a few morning power naps and before I know it, it’s lunch time. She-human often gives me fresh cucumber peels or carrots if she’s making a salad. I also like lettuce and leaves from beets or radishes.

I chillax for a bit and then she-human comes and takes me out of my cage. I always try to run away because it’s my natural instinct. But once I’m in she-human’s hands, I don’t struggle. I let her take me to the bathroom where she washes my feet and then puts me on a towel. She usually pets me for a while and I love it! I make guinea pig chirping noises. After 10 minutes, she’ll put me down in the hallway and I run around from box to box. Often she-human hides some food around the hallway and I find it right away (even though my eye-sight isn’t very good, my nose works well). I like to run back and forth, especially when I see she-human walking to the kitchen because she sometimes gives me extra food. Otherwise, I’ll just chill out in a box. I love hiding in boxes, it makes me feel safe and secure. I usually have a little snooze in a box and I’ll walk around and investigate the hallway.

I’m glad that sock guinea pig isn’t around anymore. He used to hang out in the hallway a lot. I really hated that guy. There’s only room for one male pig in this household! If he knows what’s good for him, he won’t show his face around here anymore.

After a couple of hours it’s time to go back to my cage which is always nice and clean. I’m always so happy to be home that I start running around and hopping (also known as “popcorning”). I usually have a bit of a snooze because I get tuckered out from running around on the floor. She-human sometimes thinks that I don’t get enough exercise, but I do get really tired. He-human later comes home and I’m happy because the whole gang is together. After expressing my happiness, I chew on the bars again to see if I can get some more fresh vegetables. I have another nap and then I get taken out of the cage again and the humans will watch a bit of T.V. while I run around the couch. I like to sneak up on she-human while she’s sitting on the floor and leaning against the couch. I then sit by her head and smell her hair. It’s very relaxing.  I then go back to my cage and it’s time for bed. I usually chew on the bars a few more times and sometimes, if I look cute enough, I’ll get more food.