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In a city (and country) built for driving, it’s sometimes easier to hop in the car to go somewhere rather than hop on a bike or put on some running shoes. Gone are the days when I would just walk out of my downtown apartment and walk to the store, around the Seawall, to the skytrain or even to Kitsilano. I never really missed having a car in Vancouver so driving around in Indiana is kind of a new thing to me. In Vancouver, it was so much easier to fit in the recommended daily 8km that one should walk. In Indianapolis, it’s a lot harder to get from Point A to Point B just by walking. Sidewalks end and then restart 10 blocks away, the roads are narrow and the shoulders are even narrower (2-3 inches). So, I’ve been making an effort to fit in more exercise into my life while taking advantage of the remaining days of summer.

I’ve been spending a lot of my time working out at the gym. Today, I went to play volleyball for a few hours at the Monon Center. I usually go on Sunday mornings from 9:30 until 12:30. I try to bike there, but sometimes I end up driving (usually because I’m running late or if I go to the Center later in the day, I drive because I don’t want to walk alone on the trail at night). After volleyball, I went upstairs to run a few miles (I only did 2 miles, but I ran faster than I normally do). I showered and went home.

This afternoon, B.B. and I decided to go get an iced latte and we ran some errands before deciding to go to the Monon Center to go swimming in the lap pool. B.B. was a swimmer in high school and he wanted to get back into swimming again. Apparently he had a swim record for relay. He said that he wasn’t the fastest guy, but he wasn’t the slowest either. I think that he’s a very good swimmer. I wish I could swim as well as he can. I usually swim a length, then take a bit of a break and continue again. We only had a half hour to swim because the pool closed early. We decided to go upstairs and continue working out. B.B. ran on the treadmill and I decided to focus on weights. We worked out for about 45 minutes or so.

The day before, I went for a long walk along the Monon Trail. I mapped my run (on MapMyRun)  and found out that I walked approximately 9.25 miles yesterday (which is 14.8 km). I walked at a steady pace and took a little drink break at a coffee shop in Carmel. I think that my total walking time was approximately 4 hours. It’s a nice little walk. I took my camera with me and snapped some pictures. I thought of the time that N.B. organized a walking tour of Vancouver and a group of us went around the city snapping pictures (and having a few swigs from a bottle while walking). That was a really fun outing. I recommend this activity to anyone who is thinking about gathering together with friends.

I exercised a lot this weekend, but I don’t feel very tired. I think that it’s in part because I got a lot of sunshine (vitamin D) and feel more energized than usual. In the summer, I can make it through the day on 6-7 hours of sleep (although I try to get a full 8 hours). In the wintertime, I have been known to sleep for 12 hours. I kind of wonder if I suffer from seasonal affective disorder (which typically affects people who are born in winter months). Anyway, I should have a restful sleep tonight.