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Something stinks

When I was in grade 8, I had a friend who loved the perfume Eternity by Calvin Klein. Unfortunately for me, and perhaps for some other people, my intolerance for this perfume will likely last an eternity. The problem was that my friend was a bit too generous with her perfume application. Rather than spray and dab, she sprayed, sprayed and then sprayed some more. She smelled like she showered in the stuff. Eventually, I had to delicately suggest, without bruising her ego, that she cut back on her spraying. Needless to say, we’re not friends anymore (but it’s not because of the perfume thing, rather, it’s more because of the ego thing).

I know that guys sometimes go overboard as well. I can think of numerous times when I have walked past a group of young teenaged boys and taking note of the cologne radiating from the entire group. Not that I have a problem with cologne. Sometimes, I do like the smell of it. But the point I would like to make is: less is more.

By the time one reaches adulthood, you would think that people would be a little more conscious of how much perfume or cologne they should be dabbing (yes, a dab or two will do). Unfortunately, there are still a few people out there who are not taking the rest of our olfactory senses into consideration.

Take, for example, my day at the gym. I decided to hop on the treadmill and run for 4 miles. I had a floor fan pointed at me and I was enjoying the cool breeze.  As soon as I stepped off the treadmill, the sickly sweet, musty smell of perfume hit me. I wanted to gag. It was quite strong and I couldn’t even figure out where it was originating; I was not standing near any women. A stench, I mean, scent, should not be applied in such a quantity that it is left lingering around a room! Needless to say, I didn’t stick around long to work on any of the weight machines. So, I left the gym.

Why do people do it? I guess the obvious reason is that they want to smell nice (although, that sometimes doesn’t end up working out for them). I guess some women wear perfume to the gym to mask the smell of an aerobic workout. It’s also suggested that women who wear too much perfume may not be aware of how much they are wearing and this may also be a sign of depression, which may also be the case for men who wear too much cologne (see article: Why Some Women Wear Too Much Perfume).

Whatever the reasons for wearing perfume or cologne, here’s where I get to my public service message: enjoy your workout but please don’t wear cologne or perfume to the gym! And when you are finished with your workout, don’t spray…just dab.