Last weekend, B.B. and I went for a drive to southern Indiana to attend a luncheon. The hosts lived in the country and we actually got lost for a bit (Mapquest was not reliable that day–sometimes the old ccountry roads and route names are used rather than the updated street names).

The people who owned the house, also run an animal rescue center. When the local animal shelters have to schedule some of the animals to be euthanized, this rescue team comes and rescues those animals by providing housing at their center. They then care for the animals and help them to find good homes. There were about a dozen dogs at this center, as well as some farm cats. I really liked one of the pitbulls. It had one eye (he had to undergo surgery to have his other eye removed) and he just seemed so happy and puppy-like despite his misfortune. Many of the dogs were barking for attention, but otherwise, they looked pretty happy and healthy. There were all sorts of dogs there (a chihuahua, a Burmese sheepdog, a pitbull, a French bulldog, a couple of poodles, cocker spaniels, etc.). That day, about a dozen dogs were taken to town for an adoption event and 9 of them were adopted. Apparently, the rescue center sometimes makes a trip to Boston because there is a high demand for rescued animals. It’s good to hear that there are some places that have a low numbers of animals at rescue centers. However, it’s a disturbing fact that there are many people in the world who stop taking care of their pets, or worse, treat their pet with cruelty. If B.B. and I ever get a dog, we will be sure to adopt one from a local pet shelter (we’re on a roll with our record of taking in guinea pigs that needed to be adopted).

One unique feature of the rescue center was a large field that had a lot of wildflowers and grasses. There were so many different butterflies flying around this field. It was a field of butterflies. The owner had mowed a walking path through the field. We enjoyed a nice walk while observing the butterflies that were flitting from flower to flower. Here are some of the pictures that I took that day.

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