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The other day, I was driving behind a cement mixer, doing 30 mph (50 km/h) when a plastic garbage can rolled out towards the car. I guess the cement mixer knocked it over and it rolled back onto the road as I was driving past. I had no choice but to drive straight through. I couldn’t swerve to avoid it because I was on a narrow road and there was oncoming traffic. There was no damage.

B.B. said that the car was a bit cursed. Earlier this year, his parents drove this car to Florida and got hit by a drunk driver while they were stopped in traffic somewhere in Tennesee. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but it was still a hassle to deal with insurance companies (especially since the drunk guy didn’t have insurance). Before that, B.B. was driving the car along a state highway one evening when he had a little accident. As he approached the dark highway intersection, he saw a man walking on the road. He thought that it was a strange since it was in the middle of no where. He started to slow down because he wasn’t sure if there were any other people walking around.  He suddenly saw a box in the middle of the road. Rather than swerve to avoid it, he hit it straight on. It turned out that the box contained a bowling ball and a electric welder. To top that off, the car landed on the bowling ball and the wheels were lifted off the road. They managed to get the insurance to take care of it because the box that he hit also contained a pay stub with a name and address so the police were able to contact the owner of the items scattered all over the highway. Hopefully we won’t have any other accidents with this car.