B.B. and I spent a lot of time fishing during the earlier part of summer but we haven’t gone fishing lately. It took me a few weeks to get a fishing license because everything is so paperwork-dependent here. I couldn’t use my driver’s licence from B.C. to get an Indiana fishing license ($17) without having to pay the higher fee because I was not a resident (it costs $35 for a non-resident). I didn’t have my green card at the time and but I could use a social security card (but I didn’t have it at the time or I was in the process of applying for it). Eventually, I got the license and we went fishing. 


I managed to catch some fish using worms. I have been fishing quite a few times when I was growing up. The fish that I have caught were mostly brook trout and rainbow trout. occasionally, I got to reel in steelhead or salmon when my dad had one on the line. There are trout in Indiana but I think that you have to go to the lakes that are further north. It’s common to go fishing for bass, muskie, and even catfish. The fish that I have caught here include sheephead, blue gill and catfish. 

Catfish weighing 2-3 pounds

The catfish that I caught only weighed about 2-3 pounds. When handling this fish, you have to be careful of the pectoral fins because it emits some sort of toxin that can irritate your skin. It’s mostly catch and release here. I have read that it’s recommended that you do not eat more than two catfish a month because all of the potential toxins that could be in the fish. I think that I will pass on eating any of the fish that I catch in Indiana. Growing up, I have always eaten whatever I caught. But because of all of the pollution problems in the freshwater here, it’s not safe to eat what you catch. It’s a shame.

I must say that the catfish is one ugly fish. It’s a bottom feeder and they can get to be quite big (man-eater sized). I recently heard about some divers who went to investigate the waters near a dam somewhere in Indiana. When they resurfaced, they were too scared to go back down because of the monstrous size of the catfish swimming near the bottom. Sounds like a story that you would hear on River Monsters (this is a show that I was watching regularly and now I am too scared to go swimming in unfamiliar bodies of fresh water).