This past weekend was quite busy. On Friday, I went to play volleyball, but only a few of us showed up so we just hit the ball around. Then B.B. came to the gym. I was pleasantly surprised. We ended up going for a drive downtown. We went to the Marsh (it’s a grocery store in Indiana; when B.B. first told me that he lived near a Marsh, I thought that it was an actual marshland). We ended up talking to a man who was out grocery shopping. It must have been about 20 minutes of chatting, mostly about politics (he worked in D.C. but recently retired and returned to Indiana). 

On Saturday, B.B. and I woke up early and went to Eagle Creek to play in a year-end ultimate tournament. Originally, we weren’t planning on going, but we heard that there were quite a few people from our team who were not planning on playing in the tournament. When we arrived, we had 6 on our team to play against a team that had two full lines (there were at least 14 people ready to play on the other team). So we played the first 3 points with a man down. We weren’t doing too badly. The score was about 3-1 for them when our 7th and last player showed up. So we played 7 and didn’t have any subs. Here in Indiana, when you don’t have substitutes on your team, they say that you’re “playing savage.” I had never heard of that expression before. We didn’t end up winning the game, but we played. We also didn’t huck the disc a lot because we were down on players so I was more involved in the plays than usual. The final score was something like 15-7. We then went home and showered and drove to B.B.’s parent’s house and helped can sweet pickles (or bread and butter pickles). I prefer dill, but these pickles were good.

On Sunday, I woke up and went to play volleyball for a few hours. I came home and had a nap and then B.B. and I did some yard work. He mowed the lawn, I weeded and swept the walk. There was an ice cream social at the school nearby and B.B. felt bad for mowing, but we had started doing yard work before the crowds arrived. The yard looks ten times better than it did before. We then went back to B.B.’s parent’s house with the intention of helping can some beets. Plus B.B. had to return the lawn mower that he borrowed from his dad (our lawn mower is on the fritz right now). We stayed for dinner and then came home. Here’s some pictures I took during the drive:

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