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Lately, I’ve been noticing a lot of dead bugs on the walkway of the house. It’s quite the variety. There are ladybugs, locusts, beetles, moths, cicadas and a lot of bugs that I am not familiar with. I’m wondering if these bugs are dying because B.B. has been treating the grass (a company comes by every once in a while and sprays).

I know, it’s bad. I would just let grass, weeds and violets grow together. I am not a fan of pesticides. In particular, I am really against using products like Roundup. I once watched a documentary on Monsanto (the manufacturer of Roundup) and I was highly disturbed. This company is corrupt, unethical and environmentally irresponsible. An opponent of biodiversity, Monsanto monopolized crop markets by creating their own created genetically modified foods (that are now resistant to their own herbicides), and they are even responsible for the high suicide rates of cotton farmers in India because of the false promises that they made to them. (See Popsci article : After Years of Herbicide Use, Roundup Resistant Superweeds Are Evolving to Invade U.S. Fields and see documentary The World According to Monsanto, 2008)

There could be another explanation for the sidewalk being scattered with bugs. It could be because B.B. mowed the lawn recently. The lawnmower doesn’t have a collection bag so the cut grass just sprays out from under the blades. This could cause the bugs to be dispersed on our walkway. I was surprised by the variety of bugs so I took some pictures of them.

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