On days when I do housework and work on the computer, I usually give Teemu a lot of floor time. I shut all of the doors and put up a little barricade at one end of the hallway. He gets to roam around the hallway and hide in various boxes that I distribute around the floor. He walks around when he feels like it, but mostly he just chillaxes in a box. Sometimes he does a cute little squeak and jump. I think that he’s pretty happy. Sometimes I sing to him and he popcorns around. I like it when he popcorns. It makes me feel better to know that he’s happy.

Later at night, I throw a bedsheet over the couch, lay out some newspapers, set out a hiding box, and he hangs out with us while we’re watching TV. I sit on the floor next to the couch (I guess Teemu is kind of spoiled). When I get up to leave the room, Teemu comes running to the end of the couch where I was sitting (if he isn’t already there) and looks to see where I’m going. One time B.B. was convinced that Teemu was only playing with all of the toys that I laid out for him just to make me stay and play with him (normally, he doesn’t pay too much attention to his toys~~sock buddy has gotten old). If I’m gone for more than a couple of minutes, he starts to squeal like he’s calling for me. It’s funny because B.B.’s in the room with him, but he misses me! It’s interesting because our other guinea pig was a girl and I know that she liked B.B. better than me. I was just the human that cleaned up after her and made her take the occassional bath. Domi was B.B.’s little buddy, but Teemu is definitely my little buddy.

My little buddy, Teemu