So I decided that it would be a good idea to join the ultimate frisbee league here in Indianapolis. The Indy Ultimate League is slowly growing. But, because it’s a small league, there are some things that are different here than when I was playing in the Vancouver Ultimate League.

  • There is a team draft at the beginning of the season where all of the captains attend and choose players to join their team. The number of teams is based on enrollment numbers. (In Vancouver, there are so many people that you can either find a team to join or form your own team)
  • Currently, there are 12 teams with 216 players  in the Indy league. Games are held once a week on Thursdays. (In Vancouver, games are played Monday through Thursday and there are a few thousand players with 224 teams in the summer league of 2010).
  • Everyone plays at Eagle’s Crest Park. (In Vancouver, teams play at different parks as organized by the league coordinators who schedule the games and determine the location each week).
  • The game format is to play the best out of three games against the same team. The first two games are to 9 points and the third game is until 7 points is scored by a team. (In Vancouver, most game days are double headers. The first game ends when one team scores 13 points or there is an agreed time-cap by the captains; the games usually last around an hour and a half. After the first game is over, the second game is played against a new team who is playing on a field nearby).
  • The teams here do not usually play zone defense.(My old teams in Vancouver–I played on three different teams last summer–usually play zone defense as opposed to man-to-man defense).
  • In Indy, one female is required to be on the field at all times. The other 6 players on the field are male. Part of the reason for this is because there aren’t very many females who join the Indy league compared to the males. This makes it a faster-paced game simply because guys generally run faster than the girls. (In Vancouver it’s 3 females and 4 males on the field).

From what I’ve seen and experienced so far, I have two major beefs with the Indy Ultimate league:

Number one, it’s a guys game. Without a doubt, ultimate in Indy is a guys sport. Guys pass the guys, guys huck to guys. That’s unfortunate because it doesn’t really give the girls much of a chance to play or improve their game. I would also bet that every season, there are a few females who end up playing one season and leaving because they are not engaged in the sport. In the long run, this does not bode well for the growth of the league in Indy.

Number two, it’s very much a huck game here. My team, like most teams in this league, often ends up hucking the disc down the field rather than play the short passes. When the huck and grab occurs in the endzone, it’s pretty spectacular, however, it doesn’t happen for every huck. In fact, it doesn’t even happen for half the hucks down the field because there is usually guy right on the tail of the guy who is bidding for the huck pass (it’s almost always a guy, but I have seen girls running for a huck pass). In my opinion, our team would do so much better if we made short passes all the way down the field. But, it’s not going to happen anytime soon because people tend to play the huck game. It’s a bit of a hail Mary throw.

I’m thinking about hanging up my cleats this year. I haven’t decided yet.