Today has been a busy day. I started out working on my resumé. However, I didn’t get far. B.B. came home for lunch and we had chicken sandwiches. I drove with him to work so that I could take the car and pick him up when he finished work. 

I ended up going to Kohl’s because my mother in-law (it sounds funny saying that because I haven’t been married for long) gave me a gift certificate. I ended up buying some shorts but I still have some money left on the certificate and I have to use it by Saturday. 

I went to the pet shop and looked at guinea pig books. I guess I could buy a book but, with the internet, do I really need to purchase books when all the information is at my fingertips? Ended up buying yogurt treats with vitamin C. (It turns out that Teemu does not like it. He’s a fussy eater). I also bought some Carefresh bedding. I was using newspaper but B.B. said that Teemu stinks and he thinks that the bedding absorbs his smells better. I used my poker money to purchase said items. (I don’t have a job because I am not legally allowed to work–waiting for my paperwork to come through. So I have been occasionally winning money at the odd poker game with friends of B.B.). 

I came home, gave Teemu a bath, cleaned out his cage, washed the bathtub, wiped some windows, cleaned the bathrooms, vacuumed the living room, did some laundry, and now I’m cooking dinner. 

On tonight’s menu: 

  • Stuffed red peppers with ground turkey
  • Spinach and mushroom salad with bacon bits (real bacon) and some mushrooms and boiled egg.

Ground turkey is quite reasonably priced here in Indiana. It can be as cheap as $1.99 per pound. If I was in B.C., I would probably use either ground beef or ground bison (it’s quickly becoming popular there as it is a nice lean meat). 

Peppers ready to be stuffed


First, I chopped up half an onion, celery, and some garlic. Fry that up for about 5 minutes. Next I added the ground turkey. I added rosemary, fresh parsley, oregano, ground pepper and some sea salt. Once the ground turkey was cooked, I filled the red pepper halves and sprinkled some parmesan cheese and mozzarella.  I baked it in the oven at 350 degrees for about 20-25 minutes. 

For the spinach salad, I like to use real bacon as opposed to bacon bits. (I usually buy a package of bacon, divide it into smaller portions, wrap them in wax paper, put it in a plastic bag and then I freeze it). Today, I used 4 slices and fried it on an iron skillet griddle. I rinsed some spinach, cut up some mushrooms, tomatoes, and a hardboiled egg. 

For the salad dressing, I poured some olive oil into my salad dressing container, then I added balsamic vinegar (I eyeballed it–it’s basically 1 part vinegar to 3 parts olive oil). I minced some garlic (use one clove, unless you plan on fending off some vampires) to add to the dressing. Add seasoning such as rosemary, Italian herbs, salt and pepper and  there is your salad dressing. I sometimes add a touch of sesame oil or lemon juice if I want a slightly altered taste.