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Yield to the pedestrian.

The other day, I approached a crosswalk where the Monon Trail crosses 106 Street in Indianapolis. I stopped because I saw a jogger who wanted to cross the street. The car on the other side of the crosswalk also stopped. The jogger crossed and so did a few bicyclists. Everyone crossing along the Trail gave an appreciative wave to the drivers who stopped and allowed them to safely cross 106 Street. As I continued driving, a woman in the oncoming lane approached the stopped traffic. She began obnoxiously honking her horn and she was fanatically waving her hand out of the window and yelling for people to “Go! Go! Go!”

I can’t get over how rude some drivers can be about stopping for pedestrians and cyclists. No consideration whatsoever. I am pretty sure that in the State of Indiana, you are supposed to yield to pedestrians and cyclists wanting to cross the street at a crosswalk. What’s the rush? You’re only going to have to stop a block down the street for a traffic light anyway. The sad part about this is that she is not the only rude driver who has failed to stop for people wanting to cross, nor has she been the only person I’ve seen obnoxiously honking the car horn. Drivers need to be more courteous on the roads. I think that if they don’t want take the 15 seconds to let someone cross the street, they should not be driving down 106 Street, or any street with crosswalks.